Saturday, June 9, 2012

Post 4 - Task 2: The Lipsynch

The Lip Synch (prelim task – completed in lessons)

Shoot and edit your own lip synch to Jessie J's 'Price Tag'.

For the edit, we only require one verse and one chorus.

Edit your footage in a music video style, upload it to youtube and post it to your blog, along with a short statement explaining which role(s) you would like to play in the video, and why we should cast you in this/these role(s).

You should shoot in a quiet space in media, in pairs or threes, do the choruses together and pick a verse each to lip synch to. Your edit would then be your own verse plus a chorus. Film each other all the way through the verse, then set up the camera to do the choruses. You will need a camera, tripod and the track itself.

Lip synching tips:
1. Learn the lyrics/song/rhythm really well
2. Think about the way each lyric line should be performed
3. You MUST actually sing the words for a convincing lip synch (turn the music up nice and load to drown out your singing!
4. Practice at home in front of the mirror so you become really familiar with what needs to be done
5. Think about the sound the singer is making - you should ensure your face/mouth are working in the way you would expect of a singer singing those words in that particular style
6. Add some moves if you want to!
7. For the edit, capture full takes and place each one on a new layer, then cut between them, picking out the best bits. This is called laying the PERFORMANCE BED.

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