Saturday, June 9, 2012

Post 6 - Music Video - interpretation of music/ lyrics

This is about investigating the relationship between lyrics-image-music. 

Key theorists:
Andrew Goodwin 
Carol Vernallis

In a music video, the music and lyrics are the starting point - they are the driving force behind the images. Therefore how you interpret the music and lyrics is key to making a music video. 

1. Interpreting lyrics - lyrics and images interact to create meaning.  Meaning can be literal or symbolic.  How you interpret the lyrics will be key to your creative planning. The images should either illustrate, amplify or contradict the music and lyrics.  
2. Construction  - you will be creating moving images for a pre-composed track.  Conventionally, images are connected by the beat/rhythm and other musical features.  Camera movement often mimics the music track.  You need to know the composition and structure of your track really well before planning your visuals.
3.  Filming and editing - most music videos contain distinct visual elements so that the work forms a coherent whole. Visual elements are the small parts into which a moving image may be divided: e.g quick zooming in and out, quick cuts, colour/lighting, use of static and mobile framing, costumes/props, extremes such as wides to close-ups.  Visual elements can be repeated to work like visual motifs. These need to be planned out early on to ensure they are thought through carefully.
4. Genre: many videos are recognisable through the genre signifiers they contain - in the music itself but also through the choice of dance moves, gestures, costumes, hairstyles and jewellery. However, not all videos contain genre signifiers.  
5. Shooting performance - there are certain rules for this, including the repetition of close and mid shots of the main performer - these are known as the 'beauty' or 'money' shots and are always required by the record company. Performances always include extremes - wides to close-ups to wides etc - and lots of movement cut with static shots.     

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