Saturday, June 9, 2012

Post 7 - Music video categories

Music Video categories
There are 3 different types of music video; although it is common to see elements of two or three categories combined.
1. Performance - the music video contains mostly filmed performance. The performance can be: song; dance; instrumental; concert clips.
2. Narrative - the music video contains a visual story that is easy to follow. The story is told through a series of narrative moments that work together to create the meaning but music video style of storytelling is different to that of film-making. A pure narrative video contains no lip-synchronised singing or dance performance.
3. Conceptual - the music video does not contain an obvious narrative or any lip-synchronised singing. There is strong use of symbolic visual imagery, which is why some music videos are called art or experimental clips. A pure conceptual music video is quite rare; more common are the high-concept narrative and performance hybrid forms.

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