Sunday, July 17, 2011

Post 14: Year 12 final week!

Ok folks - this is it! Your last week as year 12 media students!

A few reminders:

1. To finish the course properly, please make sure you contribute an equal share to the workshop edit task (unless you have an agreement with me about this).

2. All your prelim work must be complete and you must be signed off IN PERSON by Mrs Blackborow on Thursday 19th July.

3. Any absence known in advance, please make sure you have completed the correct paperwork and ensure you remind us! Economics students - see me about the conference.

4. If there is any chance at all that you won't be in school on Thursday (authorised or otherwise), see Mrs Blackborow asap.

Until you have completed everything required of you (see below), you will be expected to attend all your media lessons, as normal. Please do not think that just because it is the end of term, absence will not be noticed or followed up. If you are planning to continue Media at A2, you must complete the AS course and be formally signed off on your prelim tasks/ blog.

Please ensure you do the following in order to complete the course:
1. Your blog should be fully up to date, and all the prelim tasks completed by Thursday 19th July.
2. Do not ask or expect anyone else to upload your video, or post your links. If you don't do this yourself, you cannot be signed off and will not have completed the course.

Please note:
The edit suite will be fully available Mon - Thurs. Harrison will supervise the edit.
All dept staff are on the Year 8 Harry Potter trip on Monday 16th July
Year 7 Arts days are on Weds 18th and Thurs 19th July but you will be based in the edit room and will be able to continue regardless.